Our Volunteers (Last updated 20/09/2016)

A series of brief character assassinations which will give any prospective volunteers pause for thought...! The arrangement of this rogues gallery does not imply seniority, still less does it imply merit or authority.

Pete Broadley: Professional forester and builder of yurts  (Dog: Freya)
Alan Blaney: Security trainer, spending a lot of his time in hot dangerous places. Noted for inventing new things for us to make and sell (Dog: Dexter)
Darren Bradley: Installer of bespoke kitchens and carbon copy of Ray Mears. Able to light fires without matches of boy scouts. Maker of exquisite knives and leatherwork.
Alan Garstang: Noted local maker of highly individual walking sticks. Only person in the group to regard blackthorn with anything other than loathing.
Lizzie Henderson: Theatrical dress designer. Group quality control supervisor,
Hugh Jenkins: Retired from Birmingham Universty, after working in Russian Studies and IT Support. Golf addict, chorister, amateur geologist and beer tester.
Charles Martin: Retired language teacher. Player of Scrabble at league level. Also known as the Human Chainsaw, due to his ability to go on working when most people have the sense to give up.
David Slater Retired civil engineer. Owner and operator of earth moving monsters, often used to our benefit. Keeper of the group coffers. (Dog: Sasha )
Helen Wildboar: Forest Schools teacher (Dog: Bonnie)
Rachel Wildboar: Water sports enthusiast, hoping to become a windsurfing instructor.  Rachel joined us apart of her Duke of Edinburgh scheme, and Helen has requested the following note:
Rachel  (17yrs) has been using her time for the last 18 months, volunteering in Pepper Wood on a Sunday morning for the volunteering aspect of her Silver and Gold DofE awards. She truly loves her time spent in the woodland having that 'green space' time, away from the technology and hustle and bustle of everyday life. 
She has learnt many aspects of woodland management from coppicing old areas of woodland to path maintenance! She has turned her hand to using many new tools and learned the techniques needed to use them safely. 
She has been guided by the team of volunteers in every aspect and has managed to fit in with her sense of humour and general witty banter (and mickey-taking)!
We, Rachel's mom and dad, are very proud of her achievements for her DofE awards and are glad that she has not only enjoyed her time in Pepper Wood but is going to continue volunteering with the group for as long as she can!
Well done Rachel.