Work Programme - Spring 2017)


Coppicing is now approaching completion. Very little remains to be felled, and the next important task will be to fence the are to keep out the deer. It is worth noting that the last fencing programme was exceptionally successful. Fencing consists of ramming in poles, attaching plastic netting to them with cable ties, and pegging the netting to the grounf. There is about 700 feet of fence to erected.

After that comes charcoal burning - probably in mid-May to June. There will probably be three burns, which are usually quite social affairs; the kiln needs to be watched throughout the burn, which means there is a lot of sitting around  doing nothing. This time is usually filled in with al fresco cookery, carving silly things and pole-lathe turning. Bagging the product is, not surprisingly, a pretty grubby operation. Charcoal dust gets everywhere!!

That done there will be several tons of firewood to be transported to its point of sale. This work is spread over several weeks, so it is not as daunting a task as you may think.

And onward into summer there will be lots of path improvement- a job rather like painting the Forth bridge. It involves laying stone chippings as part of a long-term programme to reduce the muddiness of tracks and preempt the proliferation of new tracks as people try to avoid the mire. At the same time the encroaching vegetation needs to be cut back, both to ease the passage of walkers and to let more light in for the flowers.