Sales and Produce ( last updated 14/1/2020)

Apart from the main products listed below, we are always ready to discuss supply or making of anything that can be made from wood. If you think you have a silly idea about something you would like us to make, please let us know. Silly questions often have very interesting answers.

Orders and enquiries to Hugh Jenkins ( e: mobile 0787 575 6698 )

Please note that we are unable to offer a delivery service. Generally the best times to collect produce are 10am on Wednesday or Sunday. Other times can usually be arranged

Charcoal: Produced . from our own coppiced wood. Reports from users suggest that this charcoal is very easy to light, and burns exceptionally hot. Price £5 per sack. A sack weighs roughly 4 kilos.

Chopping Blocks Approx 3ft high, 1ft diameter. £5. Other sizes available. Usually made from knotty pieces of oak,

Firewood:  Most of this is sold by the half-cord - a stack 4x4x4 feet, which is roughly half a ton. Most of the wood is oak, with about a fifth composed of coppice regrowth.  The wood will need sawing, splitting and stacking for at least a year before use. Cost per half cord £30.  Cordwood generally becomes available in September. Orders can be placed at any time.

We are currently extracting logs and cordwood from the latest felling programme, and these are for sale with immediate effect. This year we can also offer stacks of oak rounds ready for splitting. These will yield logs about one foot long. All of this wood is oak, and should split very easily. These stacks contain more timber than a conventional stack of cordwood, and are more labour intensive to produce. They are accordingly priced somewhat higher at £35. 

We usually have a moderate amount of pre-cut logs which we split and sell by the sack. This needs to be ordered well in advance, as we do not maintain a stock of split logs; they tend to disappear. Cost per sack £3. As with cordwood, this will generally need seasoning before use.

House Names and Numbers  Hand carved on oak from the wood. Approx £15 - price may vary according to the amount of carving to be done. You won't get 'Belbroughton House of Earthly Delights' for £15!

Hedging Stakes:    £3.50 per 10

Heatherings (Binders)     £3.50 per  10

Beanpoles (8ft 6")     £3.50 per 10
Pea sticks                    £3.50 per 10 This usually refers to fan-shaped hazel sticks. For reasons unknown, output of these varies wildly, so order early! Birch twigs are always available, but generally have to be thrown away after one season.

Woven fence panels ( 6ft x 3ft) £20 each.  Other sizes are possible. All fence panels are made to order. Made to traditional design from riven hazel.

Cleft oak stakes (6ft) £3 each These are usually made by cleaving an oak trunk in four. The resulting stakes are roughly triangular, each side being about 3". The bark is removed, surfaces smoothed, and one end pointed.

Oak planks and posts: Milled to order from trees felled under approval from the Woodland Trust. Minimum thickness one half inch, maximum length usually eight feet. Since most of our felled timber is about sixty years old, the width of heartwood in a plank rarely exceeds ten inches. Cost based on £12.50 per cubic foot. Hence an eight-foot plank one inch thick and eight inches wide would cost just over £8.