SSSI Status (Last updated 15/10/2014)

Pepper Wood has been a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for more than thirty years. This reflects the fact that there has been a wood on this site since the 1600s, making it a Semi-Natural Ancient Woodland (SNAW) and probably for over a thousand years. It is home to many uncommon species, including the White Admiral butterfly, the reclusive Ground Caddis Fly, Herb Paris,  and the Wild Service tree to mention only a few. The award of SSSI status came when coppicing was re-established in the mid-1980s. Coppicing creates and maintains several different habitats and in doing so encourages a wide variety of plants, insects and birds.

The Woodland Trust are currently gathering tree seed for the National Seen Archive at Kew Gardens. Their particular interest, not surprisingly, are our wild service trees.